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Ready to sell or trade your bike?

Don't waste time and money with advertising or have the inconvenience of no-shows and people coming to your home.
Whether you are looking to upgrade or just wanting to cash-out of your bike, KTM Newcastle can help you move on your used motorcycle.
We will pay CASH for ALL BRANDS of Used Motorcycles. Just bring your bike into our showroom for an immediate valuation, or if you don't live near us in Newcastle simply tell us about the used motorcycle you want to sell.

Print out the PDF form here -->Adobe PDF<-- and fill in the details. Attach some photos and scan & email to sales@ktmnewcastle.com.au

If you can't scan, you can Fax or call to discuss how we can view your bike. The quicker you get the info to us, the sooner we can arrange a viewing and get you some cash.

Ph: (02) 4037 3333Fax: (02) 4037 3300