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motion pro micro bleeder

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    motion pro micro bleeder
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Motion Pro Micro Bleeder, M4×0.7, WP 43/48 W/o Preload, Orange for KTM

*For use on all 1999 and later WP 43/WP 48 fork caps (P/N’s 4860.0020S and 4860.0020S1) without external spring preload adjustment.
*These fork caps DO NOT require a pin spanner to remove the fork cap.
*New ultra-compact, low profile design is only 11mm high installed.
*Stainless steel body is stronger and will not corrode.
*Easy to install, simply replace the OEM bleeder screw with the Micro Bleeder.
*Reduces harshness caused by air build-up.
*Allows bleeding of air pressure without tools.
*One of the easiest bolt-on upgrades you can make to your forks.
*Kit includes two bleeder valves.