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FWF KTM | HUSQ ADVENTURE 790 19-20 / 890 21-24 / 901 19-24 F

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    FWF KTM | HUSQ ADVENTURE 790 19-20 / 890 21-24 / 901 19-24 F
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Double the surface area, Twice as effective.   

FWF’s filter has been designed to address the intricacies of the 790’s air box and it’s unique filter fitting system

Special attention has been given to the filter seal, arguably the most important component.
The injection molded seal been specifically fabricated for this airbox’s filter securing system having dual sealing lips incorporating a ‘U’ channel for the application of a sealant (grease).

The removable filter pad is dual layer – pyramid profiled foam bonded to a second flat layer which also seals the pad into the cartridge.
A further foam layer is permanently bonded to the filter cartridge to trap any dust particles which may bypass the filter pad in extremely dusty conditions. This provides three layers of protection without sacrificing air flow.

The replacement foam pad is easy to clean or oil and can be purchased separately as a spare.
Whist the foam layer bonded to the cartridge will not always require cleaning, it is a little more difficult to service and will require aerosol filter oil for best results but is a far safer alternative than a removable piece of foam.

The Filter Cartridge:

  • Injected molded urethane plastic body

  • Molded Foam Filter cross support 

  • Bonded secondary single layer foam (Not removable)

  • Double lipped TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) rubber seal

  • Convex rubber seal to optimize sealing performance

  • Frame provides 3-way seal against primary foam filter pad

The Filter Cartridge:

  • Dual layer foam
  • Pyramid profile design
  • Removable from Filter Cartridge
  • Replacement Primary foam filter available (P# FWF502)
Kit Includes:
  • 1x Filter Cartridge
  • 1x Filter Foam Pad